Two-week Austria vacation! (Haus der Musik)

16 Jul

Recently, I just returned from an amazing two-week vacation in Austria. My family and I visited Vienna, Salzburg, Dorfgastein, Linz and Melk over the two weeks, along with one night in Bratislava for the opera “Carmen”.  The food there was awesome! The pastries there were heavenly, and we didn’t have one bad meal.  The Alps were awesome and much greener than the Rockies, but to be fair I’ve only seen the Rockies in the middle of winter while skiing on them.  In Austria, one of the coolest places we went to was the “Haus der Musik”.  This museum has four floors, each of them a different theme. The first floor was devoted to the Vienna Philharmonic and the third floor was devoted to the multiple famous Viennese composers.  These floors were very interesting and filled with information, but it was the second and fourth floor that were amazing to me.  The second floor is the “sonosphere”.  In the sonosphere there are multiple different exhibits all about how the brain works to interpret sounds and some weird ways to confuse your brain with noise.  The fourth floor is called the “Brain Opera”.  It was designed by MIT students and what I thought was so cool about the Brain Opera was how everything was connected together. For example, if someone submits a sound in one exhibit, they can then control an instrument that uses multiple different submitted sounds in another exhibit.  Everything about the museum was very up to date in technology and they had several instruments that you could control without actually touching anything.  The Haus der Musik was awesome, along with basically everything else about my Austria trip.  It was so much fun!

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